Níedgedál – Sumor De​á​gung F​æ​stent​í​d MC


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From the oldest stone of Brittonic land to the deepest forest capped fields projected through the darkest wells of the fathomless void and back… The humble yet cathartic thereafter meditated upon and made stone in mystisized madness and serenity.

Sumor De​á​gung F​æ​stent​í​d MC:
Second demo. Summer has died once again. The mystic of Autumnal waters stands burning with ethereal flames of old beneath the stars. Runes carved into the skies above to welcome the winter horde into the skull of Ymir.

Recorded at summer’s end 2020 at 16SWT.
Artwork by Rhiannon.
Layout by Urtod & Nostalggia.

1. Sumor Deágung Fæstentíd
2. Haunteth the Halls of Eternity
3. For the Beauty of a Twilight Halo
4. Widd’rshins into the Chariot’s Gateway
5. Orsâwle Cwýsan
6. Burning Ornaments of the Night Sky
7. At which Hour the Stars Melteth
8. Pale Lanterns Towards the Altar
9. Upon a Silver Rimmed Lake

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