Níedgedál – To the Fields Upon Where I Was Slain MC


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From the oldest stone of Brittonic land to the deepest forest capped fields projected through the darkest wells of the fathomless void and back… The humble yet cathartic thereafter meditated upon and made stone in mystisized madness and serenity.

To the Fields Upon Where I Was Slain MC:
First EP. Sol projects her warmth less and less by the day in these months of deluge. As we strive to follow the elders teachings the mastery and conviction they sang of can feel distant. In between the loss of life and the blooming of death dwells a flame which burns cold within. Only to be conquered when the green spring returns and beheads that demon. Here are the pits within the aforementioned rise.

Recorded 2022 at 16SWT.
Mixed and mastered by Inritus at Voguebeloth Chapel.
Layout by Urtod & Nostalggia.

1. A Culling of Spirits
2. Total Soul Eclipse
3. To the Fields Upon Where I Was Slain
4. The Clash of Winter
5. Seething Serpents and Thanes Benighted
6. A Summoning to the Abyss
7. Fallen to Soar

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