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After long preparations, we now want to open the pre order for “The Sign Of The Unholy Baphomet” 6MC collection by the mighty Mystifier. This collection will contain all obscurities until 1996 as well the demos.
Mystifer had a lot of band member changes in the past, but they always delivered cold and raw darkness. Satanic ceremonies about blood and sacrifices. Conjurations of the Brazilian satanists. Pure glorification of the evil one.
Most of those releases were never available on official music cassette or any kind of MC-repress and some other reissues (on vinyl/CD) had a massive loss of quality and passion regarding audio and visuals. We worked a lot on the cassette layouts to keep the original vinyl/CD layout as good as it gets alive. Unfortunately the “Massacre” cover will be missed on “Tormenting the Holy Trinity” to avoid any problems, but we will add both JCards that everyone can follow his own preference.
The box itself will come with a beautiful artwork made by Bryan of BMS illustration. Also here we considered the original drawings to recreate a personal and authentic touch. At this point we like to pay attention to our comrade Bryan.
To get a perfect round off Beelzeebubth and some other maniacs (thanks to Paweł Kaczyński and Peter/Vomitor Blood) provided tons of old photos, zine reviews and interviews to create your own handnumbered prayer book to celebrate this satanic release. The whole box will be limited to 500 copies.

Illustration(s) by: Bryan Maita (BMS Illustration).
Layout by Urtod.

The box contains:
Massive handnumbered booklet
Tormenting the Holy Trinity MC
T.E.A.R (The Evil Ascension Returns) MC
Aleister Crowley MC
Wicca MC
Göetia MC
Extra JCard for Tormenting the Holy Trinity
3 Poster
Patch (~7x9cm)

Listen here. Please check the tracklist also at our Bandcamp page. It’s to long to list it here…

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