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Gates of Londra – s/t LP

Gates Of Londra is a musical project based on the work of fantasy writer Michael Moorcock (also known for his collaboration with Hawkwind, Blue Öyster Cult and many more …). Heroic Industrial Black Metal with pounding rhythms and plaintive screams. A legend about the destroyed post-Europe and the rise of a hero, drawn by the sword.

Single sided vinyl with screenprinting on the B-side printed by Urtod. The vinyl edition comes with a bonus track that is not included on the cassette release.

Layout and vinyl master by Vritra.

1. Intro
2. The Tragic Millenium
3. Baron Meladius of Kroiden
4. Died Under Fire and Metal
5. Gates of Londra
6. Queen Flana (Bonus)

Listen here.

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Zmyrna – s/t MC

Zmyrna, meaning myrrh in Greek, was traditionally used as an incense in religious and funeral rites and serves as the central motive in the bands themes. Zmyrna also take their inspiration from the tales of the poor peoples lives during medieval times: The diseases and misseries, but also the myths and legends of those times, which people saw as idols embodied in the distant mountain tops of their surroundings. Come and smell the myrrh…

1. Pagus Maledictus
2. Silva Obscura

Listen here.

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Оброк (Obrok) DLP

Raw and obscure black doom mysticism from Bulgaria/Sofia. Obrok (Оброк) is an ancient sacred place to honor the dead and the fallen. In most cases it was dedicated to close relatives. These sacred places can be found anywhere, often there are certain stones or resting places that point to it. Like the stories and traditions about it, Obrok’s music is dark and cold. During production, more emphasis was placed on raw rehearsal quality than on well-produced standard waste. The demo recordings of groups like Mystifier or Xantotol were made in a similar way. And you can feel that atmosphere clearly when you hear it…

This double vinyl compilation contains all rehearsals and three bonus tracks. The LP’s come with a printed craft-cardboard gatefold sleeve. This is a cooperation between Urtod Void & Medieval Prophecy Records.

1. Врач
2. Покров
3. Бездна
4. Tribute
5. Ритуал
6. Заклинание
7. Олтар
8. Прокоба
9. Tribute II
10. Ритуал II
11. Проповед
12. Знамение
13. Тотем
14. Tribute III
15. Ритуал III
16. Сенки Reh.3 Outtake
17. Знамение Live 24.03.18
18. Покров Live 12.11.16

Listen here.

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Grabunhold – Heldentod MC

One speaks of heroic deeds over Amon Sûl. Of dark spells and witches dancing in the twilight of darkness. The iron battle to die the honorable heroic death. Grabunhold have finally put together their first album under the title “Heldentod”. More than 46 minutes of old school black metal spells about the barrow heights and other Tolkien related topics. Atmospheric, melancholic and sublime.

Cassette release under license from Iron Bonehead Productions. IBP still handle the vinyl and CD formats.

Recording, mixing and mastering by Arcane Spell Sound.
Artwork by Synod.
Layout by Urtod & Synod.

1. Wolkenbruch über Amon Sul
2. Hügelgräberhöhen
3. Trommeln in der Tiefe
4. Flammen und Schatten
5. Morgenröte am Pelennor
6. Fangorns Erwachen
7. In tiefen Verliesen
8. Der Einsamkeit letzter Streiter

Listen here.

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Ynkleudherhenavogyon – Honan Bleydh LP

Ynkleudherhenavogyon comes from the mythical Cornwall (South West England). A peninsula known for its magnificent monuments from forgotten times of the Celts. „Honan Bleydh“ is a personal journey to manifest those primordial powers that are hidden in those monuments and in the vastness of the ocean. All Ynkleudherhenavogyon releases were written in Cornish language to become one with this primordial entity. Raw occult black metal with pagan roots in the dark history of Cornwall.

Limited to 200 copies.
To be released around October MMXX.

Cover art by Ynkleudherhenavogyon.
Sigil illustration by Ynkleudherhenavogyon.
Additional illustrations by Ainul Iblis.
Layout by Urtod.

1. Devosow a Glydn Kowlleski
2. Honan Bleydh
3. A-barth an Koth Arlodh
4. Kydnyadhow Loskow Tirwedhow

Listen here.

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Krolok – Flying Above Ancient Ruins pic. LP

And once again we want to inspire you with Krolok’s darkness and its mysteries. This time we closed the pact with „Into The Night Records“ to unveil a reissue of „Flying Above Ancient Ruins“ – Kroloks first full length from MMXVII. There is not much to say since most of you are already familiar with this album. Transylvania will rise again, with grotesque faces and ancient spirits along the castle walls. „Flying Above Ancient Ruins“ is a classic black metal recording with a lot of glomy riffs and a pinch of folklore horror stories. The hills of Fagaras will bleed. The forgotten legends will come back after hundreds of years.

This special „picture vinyl“ reissue will come on 180g heavyweight vinyl. The picture vinyl will come with a full printed vinyl sleeve with a die cut hole, a huge poster and a 16-page booklet with all woodcut illustrations by Matúš S. Ďurčík, which were used for the cassette release back in MMXVII (released by Sky Burial).

To be released around October MMXX.

Cover art by Dávid Glomba.
Woodcut illustrations by Matúš S. Ďurčík.
Layout by Urtod & HV.


  1. Flying Above Ancient Ruins
  2. Hunger of Her Eyes
  3. Count Von Krolock
  4. The Wanderer Ascends (Father of Sorrows and Past)
  5. At the End of a New Age
  6. Count Von Krolock*

*bonus rehearsal version MMXIV

Listen here.

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Bergthron – Verborgen in den Tiefen der Wälder

It has been 23 years since „Verborgen in den Tiefen der Wälder“ saw the darkness of the world. Atmospheric and also romantic black metal in the vein of old Satyricon or Gehenna. Nevertheless Bergthron developed their own dark and heathen atmosphere and the music doesn’t sound like a norse plagiarization. It was never about copying a group or bagging quick glory. Bergthron basically went on distance from the scene or never belonged to it also interviews were only given very rarely. It was a myth of the German black metal movement. Individuals who wanted to disconnect from normal society. As important as this release may have been, it never saw its existence on vinyl. “Verborgen in den Tiefen der Wälder” was originally released through Perverted Taste. You can order various Bergthron releases here:

The latest collaboration is between Pesttanz Klangschmiede, Urtod Void and Schattenpfade. Three German labels who spend some dedication to this old German classic.

Verborgen in den Tiefen der Wälder will be available on black vinyl. A small amount of ca. 100 copies will be pressed on marbled red vinyl.
To be released around August MMXX.

Vinyl mastering by Liquid Aether Audio.
Frame drawing by Ainul Iblis.
Professional scans provided by WÆIK & Aderlass Kunstverlag.
Post-processing of the artwork scan by Harvest of Eyes.
Layout by Urtod.

1. Verborgen in den Tiefen der Wälder I
2. Verborgen in den Tiefen der Wälder II

Listen here.

This is only a preview of the marbled red vinyl. The final result can be different:

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Apep – The Invocation Of The Deathless One LP

The unseen terror is omnipresent. Death slowly creeps up and spoils. And takes what it deserves. From the ancient crypts of Duat the judgment day awaits us. Eight hymns about chaos and destruction. A journey through darkness and deathless myths.  Apep delivers a massive death metal storm in the vein of Blood Incantation or Nile.

The Invocation Of The Deathless One will be available on black vinyl. A small amount of ca. 100 copies will be pressed on marbled amber vinyl. To be released around August MMXX.

Vinyl mastering by Temple Of Disharmony.
Artwork by Paolo Girardi.
Layout by Urtod.

1. Whisperers In Darkness
2. Banishing Of Chaos
3. Anubis‘ Denial
4. Passing Through The Gate Of Set-Hra
5. The Black Pyramid Of Naqash
6. Spell For Passing The Sandbank Of Apophis
7. Parchment Of Execution
8. The Invocation Of The Deathless One

Listen here.

This is only a preview of the marbled amber vinyl. The final result can be different:

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COVID19 restrictions for international customers [doom over the world]

we are forced to exclude some countries from online shopping on for several weeks. We can’t buy shipping labels anymore, some other countries charge extra fees due crises situation and so on.

We keep it for you and send it as soon as possible.

We keep it for you or we refund you. We inform you by email if your order is affected.

Affected countries/destinations:
Bahamas, Belize, Bolivia, Bonaire, Brunei Darussalam, Cape Verde, Cayman Islands, Chile, Dominica, French Polynesia, Guinea-Bissau, Guyana, Laos, Libya, New Caledonia, São Tomé and Principe, St. Kitts and Nevis, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Syria, Turkmenistan, Venezuela, Yemen.

This list was taken from Deutsche Post/DHL. We excuse for any translations errors. For some destinations DHL charges a crisis surcharge (up to 3,90€/KG). This can change weekly, so feel free to ask about the current status.

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Urtod Fest MMXX [27. & 28. August MMXXI, Skilift Eulenloch]

We like to introduce our second gathering which will be held in our forest – Schwarzwald Area – on the 27th & 28th August MMXXI [!!NEW DATE!!]. We were forced to cancel the event for MMXX. Original date: 21st & 22nd August MMXX.

The origin of endless void
The wisdom of the paradox
The Path…
..the triumph of the night.

Can you smell the dust of the secret war?

To jednak szatan nas wykorzystał.

We found some great acts which are interested to join this secret war as well.
You can rate the following maledictions as confirmed:

Abgrund (Germany)
Crypt Dagger (Germany)
Grabunhold (Germany)
Hagzissa (Austria)
Illum Adora (Germay)
Nekrovault (Germany)
Obrok (Bulgaria)
Temple Ov Perversion (Switzerland)
Thronehammer (England/Germany)

More perversions will be confimed later…

Feel free to invite your friends, don’t be a fool, act like a wise aristocrat. We don’t need masses of fools here.

6  6   6