Ynkleudherhenavogyon/Venymysgourvleydh – Freudhek Kothni Sekus Lytherenna test pressing DLP

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And so we initiate the transformation from Ynkleudherhenavogyon to Venymysgourvleydh, noting that both paths are not yet complete. All titles of this transformation were originally intended for Ynkleudherhenavoyon, but Nostalggia, who is the mastermind behind both projects, decided to draw a line. Ynkleudherhenavogyon is all the more concerned with the Celtic heritage found in caves and their primordial soil and the endless howling of the ocean, while Venymygourvleydh carries this spirit and brings with it nothing but lamenting void. Each part may speak for itself, but musically Nostalggia remains feral and mystical, for both paths equally. Urtod Void is proud to announce “Freudhek Kothni Sekus Lytherenna” on vinyl. The split will be released as a DLP and will be available in 2 different vinyl colors.

Here you are ordering “Freudhek Kothni Sekus Lytherenna” as test pressing with handmade cover sleeve. Artwork will be unveiled later…

Ynkleudherhenavogyon’s part was originally released as “Myji” a demo cassette from MMXX.
Venymysgourvleydh’s part was originally released as “Harvest II” a demo cassette from MMXXI.

All music, artwork and photos by Nostalggia.
Layout by Urtod and Nostalggia.

1. Ynkleudherhenavogyon – Dhyworth an toll mar an howl decessya
2. Ynkleudherhenavogyon – Keynres a an nosow ebron
3. Ynkleudherhenavogyon – Llewyg yr iâr a-ji dhe bos dre py rowlys dres an vayl
4. Ynkleudherhenavogyon – Difun yn-kerghyn halow gans gosow a sakrifisys yn ow
5. Ynkleudherhenavogyon – Beudhi a-ji dhe nosow genesigeth
6. Venymysgourvleydh – The lake of sacrifice
7. Venymysgourvleydh – As my ashes are taken upon the wind
8. Venymysgourvleydh – Relic of the slain hermits
9. Venymysgourvleydh – Blood drenched guardians of stone and iron
10. Venymysgourvleydh – Allfather’s harvest
11. Venymysgourvleydh – Attaining the Wolves black light

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