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Tarvos had already impressed us with their demo “Beholden to Saturn” in Anno MMXXIII, so we decided to continue working. The EP may not be as obviously based on the 90s ice cold sound, but the influences are in no uncertain terms. “The Narrow Path” continues with the theme of mysticism, a path at times abstruse and perilous, and seeks to create its own inscription whilst honoring the undeniable thrust of the past.

Available on 180g black vinyl.

Recorded Winter 2022 & 2023 by TARVOS (Tracks 2 – 5 2022/All vocals 2023).
“Intro” recorded by Devin Bernard January 2024.
Mixed and mastered by Cody Baresich at Circle A Studios January 2024.

1. Intro
2. Embers
3. Conjurer of Absurdity
4. Fathomless Embrace
5. The Narrow Path
6. Outro

Listen here.

To be released around end of May/early June MMXXIV.

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