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„From the capital of Sweden, a thunderstorm is rolling towards us that brings arctic cold and a huge storm“ – Undergrounded.

Ulv continue the norse saga, where Darkness Shall Fall has ended. And it´s also the next step after the personal closure of Neocrome. Seiðr has written again a magnificent monument of black metal music. The whole album is dedicated to his first born son (btw.). So it´s not only a musical journey, it´s also a huge step to self-transcendence. Anyway it won´t be a sentimental full length – Seiðr still deliver a vehement norse black metal attack.

Artwork done by Beatriz Wolf Artworks.
Calligraphy done by Karl Henrik Svedbäck.
Layout done by Harvest of Eyes & Urtod.

This Die Hard edition comes on ultra clear vinyl with a circular woven patch and a big square poster containing the cover artwork. Everything housed in a gatefold-sleeve. This special bundle will be limited to only 50 units.

1. Monolith
2. Spider In The Web Of Urd (Watch the music video here)
3. To Stain The Fields Of Vígríðr
4. A Gift For The Wanderer
5. Magnum Tenebris Die
6. Ulv
7. Odal Lands
8. Visa från Wotanmyra

Listen here.

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