SEID – Darkness Shall Fall LP


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The main idea of SEID already exsist since about 25 years. Seiðr wrote the first musical creations back in 1992/1993 when he get inspired by bands like Darkthrone, Marduk and Dissection. The resurrection of SEID came 2015 by Seiðr himself. Not before 2016/17 Arant (Blackest) joined SEID to undertake the drumming and Alex (Craft, Hypothermia, ex- Shining) the bass guitar.
Thematically SEID is inspired by nordic traditions and the beauty of Scandinavia and it´s arcanums. Despite of Asatru, rune magic and seidr rituals you will discover musical works about demons and satanism. A very important case is not to write only such compositions – going into the natural world and practising is necessary!

Darkness Shall Fall will contain seven prophecys completly devoted to the old norse black metal cult – a must have for old school black metal enthusiasts.

Artwork done by WÆIK.

Master and mix by Dark Prod.

Limited to 300 copies. First 100 are handnumbered and comes on blue/white splatter vinyl.

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