Nachtmaar – Forever Night LP


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Nachtmaar is a cold blade in the heart of the dead night, ready to be unleashed. Cold long nights are imminent. They may appear stormy and croaking in this darkness. Swartagaldas & M. Goathammer create a black and rough opus. Both are also known under the banner of Opferblut. This is just the beginning. Traditional black metal in the vein of Judas Iscariot, Vlad Tepes and early Craft.

Single sided vinyl with screenprint on the B-side. The cover sleeve comes with bronze hot foil embossing. Here you are ordering the black vinyl edition.

This is a cooperation between Urtod Void & Hexenkult.

Vinyl master by Swartagaldas.
Cover and art by Swartagaldas.
Layout by Swartagaldas & Urtod.

1. Initation
2. Ashes of Cosmic Revelations
3. Ascension
4. A Vessel, Black Semen
5. Torches of Luciferian Hate
6. Katharsis

Listen here.

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