Mightiest/Depressive Silence – The Recreation of the Shadowlands​/​Depressive Silence col. clear DLP


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This is probably one of the so-called important underground releases. Those special artifacts that every music enthusiast should have on their vinyl shelf. Yes, maybe that’s actually the case, nevertheless, both acts do not enjoy the same level of fame. The veterans Mightiest, hailing from Freiburg, or rather from the western Black Forest, are not known to everyone. The guys from Mightiest have been involved in the black metal underground since the early 90s. With “The Recreation of the Shadowlands” a melodic black metal masterpiece accompanied by ambient/dungeon synth elements was created. There are epic moments in the guitar riffs that cast a spell and bring out the darkest chambers of your soul. “My Time to Come” for example gets the blood pumping and is probably one of the highlights on this release. Flickering lights enlight between dark tall firs and warm the cold air of the mighty mountain.

Depressive Silence enjoy a much larger fan base, especially since many of their releases served as a precursor and source of inspiration for countless dungeon synth projects (of course not only) and still serve to this day. Even then, RAL and B.S. had a preference for theatrical, melancholic and dreamy keyboard sounds. Not to be confused with the self titled demo, this split release “Depressive Silence” is probably one of their best releases. The melodies will lure you and you will enter Mirkwood. Just beware of the medieval demons waiting for you. At this point, of course, we don’t want to leave Tolkien unmentioned. Hail Mightiest, hail Depressive Silence!

Urtod Void is proud to announce the re-release of this masterpiece on vinyl. The split will initially be released as a DLP and will be available in 3 different vinyl colors.

Here you are ordering the milky clear vinyl edition on 180g vinyl. The DLP comes with an ultra thick gatefold sleeve (1cm) with silver hotfoil embossing and A4 insert.

Recorded live on 21st and 22nd July in 1995 at the Profectio Dungeons by R. Breitenfeld on Tascam DA-88 DAT Tape.
Equipment used Yamaha PSR-600, BC Rich, Peavey Bandit, Sure SM 58.
Remastered by Christoph Brandes at Iguana Studios in June 2006.
Mightiest artwork by Friedrich Caspar David (1774-1840) «Hochgebirge / Schweizer Landschaft» painted around 1824.
Depressive Silence artwork taken from «Die Karte von Mittelerde», with illustrations by John Howe.
Layout and artwork post-processing by Urtod.

1. Mightiest – The Enfolded Shadows of Mighty Gates
2. Mightiest – My Time to Come
3. Mightiest – Silence
4. Mightiest – Lord of Darkness
5. Mightiest – Eternal Past
6. Mightiest – Depression
7. Depressive Silence – Medieval Demons
8. Depressive Silence – Dark Side
9. Depressive Silence – Düsterwald

Listen here.

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