Immortal – Under The Banner Of Blashryrkh 6MC Box


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From the north abyss… Official 6-tape box from the masters of Nebulah frost IMMORTAL. This box includes the first and only self titled demo, the “Immortal” EP, “Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism”, “Pure Holocaust”, “Battles In The North” and “Blizzard Beasts”. Housed in a luxorious matte black heavy casewrapped box with silver hot foil stamped printing. This box is limited to 750 copies only and contains the 6 tapes, a massive booklet, an alternative j-card for “Battles In The North”, 4 posters and 6 postcards, a big shaped patch and a regular patch with the “Winterdemon” box-cover, a big flag, a metal-pin with the classic Immortal logo and a handnumbered certificate.

Released by Darkness Shall Rise.

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