Ifernach – X – Gespegewagi Black Metal 10MC Box


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The finish of the box will be choosen randomly between blue, gold and natural finish! If you do not agree, do not order! On the photo you can see the blue edition.

There is really nothing to say about Ifernach that have not already been said, hailing from the frost bitten shores of Canada, Celtic blood thick in spectral veins, this wolven spirit warrior has been ensorcelling a great blizzard of incantations since the age of 2015 and now graces his war legions one black metal excellence after another.

But Gespegewagi Black Metal must be the ultimate artefact for any fan, new or old, of Ifernach to have within the shaded corridors of their libraries. A culmination of the Canadian warrior’s greatest incantations all lovingly forged in celebration of the tribal crusade began all those ages ago. Included with this solid handcrafted wooden boxset are the ten aforementioned tapes with all j-cards printed on thick cardboard, a handwritten sixteen page booklet created by Finian himself with photos never before seen and an exclusive silver lining embroidered patch. All the audios are exclusively remastered for this collection, all layout are carefully retouched to match a uniform aesthetic.

This is truly a massive monolith of a collection, one that the grey clouds shall weep down from the heavens above, down upon the guerilla warriors carving the bones of their foes, the howling word of Ifernach upon their lips. The treasures of Gespegewagi delivered to all those true in the shine of the axe.

The boxset is available in THREE variants hand printed in Gold, Blue and unprinted natural color. The boxset is limited to one time press of 200 copies, the exact number for each variant shall not be disclosed.

The incantations included are:

TAPE01: Laments of Ériu
TAPE02: Maqtewek Nakuset
TAPE03: Vestiges Gaspésiens
TAPE04: Gaqtaqaiaq
TAPE05: The Blood That Painted The Maple Tree
TAPE06: Wastow
TAPE07: Waqan
TAPE08: Murder Chaos Crematoria
TAPE09: Dance Of The Black Puoinaq
TAPE10: Black Metal Butchery

Released by Goatowarex.

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