Holy Death – Abraxas col. red DIE HARD DLP

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We’re moving back to the early nineties and this time we’re back in Poland. A treasure trove for us anyway, bulging with obscure metal pearls. Also Holy Death belong to these treasures. Probably not under the radar for many, Holy Death are an important part of the 2nd wave of the Polish underground Black Metal movement. Where other bands were desperately creating Norwegian clones, Holy Death focused on their own very offbeat, dramatic and luciferian Black Metal sound. Holy Death were also able to convince us, so we joined forces to immortalize the legendary “Abraxas” demo on vinyl. With almost an hour of playing time, this is probably much more than just a rough Black Metal basement demo for many. “Abraxas” is violent but also full of mystery. Partly militant but also dramatically seasoned with operatic elements. Heavy/Speed ​​Metal elements as well as ambient interludes round off the work and actually make it a complete full length in our opinion.

“Abraxas” will be released on two different vinyl editions and on music cassette:
One hundred copies will be released as “Die Hard” edition on red galaxy double vinyl with a large Abraxas backpatch and a bonus CD with unfinished, alternative instrumental versions and outtakes from “Abraxas” record sessions. The other edition will come on black double vinyl.

Both vinyl editions will come with ultra thick glossy gatefold sleeve (1cm) and a 16-page A4 booklet. Here you are ordering the red die hard vinyl edition with a large Abraxas backpatch and a bonus CD.

Cover art by Sławomir Daniec.
Photos by Jacek Kiełtyka.
Logo by Ewa Iwaszko.
Original tape layout and design by Jan Polakowski.
Layout by P. (Cursed Art).
Mastered for vinyl by M.

1. Abraxas
2. Inferno
3. Astral Nightmare
4. Sodomy of Megido
5. Necromancy
6. Black Inquisition
7. Blasphemy of Churches
8. Prology of Death

Listen here.

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