Headsplit Magazine #11


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Aaaaarrrrhhhhh…. it’s time for HEADSPLIT MAGAZINE #11!!!! Can you fuckin’ believe it? Since the initial print run of only 50 copies being created by the Headsplit crew that sold out the night of the Undergang gig in Portland 2017, and the loss of the printing company right afterwards, this issue never really made it to the public. Which I felt was completely unacceptable as I have always been a fan of this little rotten beauty! So I just had to reanimate it, hoping it would crawl back to life one last time… and BEHOLD, it’s alive!!!

And Headsplit #11 brings you another rotten fist full of great bands like the belgian Black/Death duo called Perverted CeremonyOath Of Cruelty from Houston, Hellbringer from Australia, legendary US Black Metallers Grand Belials Key, thrashin’ Gammacide from Arlington, danish sado grinders Vomit Angel, the Death Metal punks of Nekrofilth from Cleveland, and a couple more plus various comics (Mortuus, anyone?), (show) reviews, photography by Peter Beste aaaaand the glorious glorious Headsplit babes (of course)! All that on 70 fully colored pages preserving the original US letter size, written in english.

Released by Schattenmann Publishings.

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