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Right after this band cut us down at an amazing concert in Basel last year (2018) we decided to start working with this great artists. The band was formed back in 2011 and released until 2017 two demos, a split and a full length. Evil´s third demo from 2018 „The Gate of Hell“ was already released through the Nuclear War Now! Productions banner on music cassette, but will be now also available on 7″.
This is Japanese aggression and speed combined with brazilian old school metal. Nevertheless Evil invent their own playing style, creating very fast and dynamic songs. Thanks to Nuclear War Now! Productions & Sarcofagore for this collaboration.

One sided 7″.

1. 地獄の門 – The Gate of Hell
2. 歪な梵鐘 – Hell’s Evil Bells
3. 奈落の底 – Bottom of Hell
4. 処女冒涜 – Desecration of Virgin [Sarcofago cover]

Listen here.

To be released on 1st August MMXIX (approximately). This is one of the test pressings. Comes without any sleeve. We choose the number!

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