Burzum – In The Arms Of Darkness 15MC Box (Pre Order)


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Released by Darkness Shall Rise Productions. Official 15 tape delux boxset. Housed in a luxurious heavy casewrapped box with silver hot foil stamping. Limited to 1000 handnumbered copies only. Comes with massive booklet, 2 poster, patch, 6 postcards, metal-pin, certificate.

1. Demo I
2. Demo II
3. Burzum
4. Aske
5. Det Som Engang Var
6. Hvis Lyset Tar Oss
7. Filosofem
8. Daudi Baldrs
9. Hildskjalf
10. Belus
11. Fallen
12. From The Depths Of Darkness
13. Umskiptar
14. SolAustan, Mani Vestan
15. The Ways Of Yore

To be released in May. Please make sure that the product can be delayed for a few weeks!

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