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Another piece of German Black Metal history, this time again from Bergthron. The first EP “Uralte Gedanken” with its almost 20 minutes playing time differs a bit from the first album in terms of atmosphere, but we are still accompanied by cheesy synthesizers and acoustic melodies. The warriors have awakened and leave the depths of the forest to shed blood in honor for Wotan. The philosophy about pagan beliefs is still in the vein of Bergthon, but their war spirit is much more dominant on this release than ever before. Presumably this release paved the way for future non-conventional Black Metal releases like “Jagdheim” e.g. which sound far more progressive and divide the minds.

“Uralte Gedanken” was originally released through Perverted Taste in 1998. You can order various Bergthron releases here:

A collaboration between Pesttanz Klangschmiede, Urtod Void & Schattenpfade. One sided vinyl with etching on side B. Cover sleeve with silver hotfoil embossing.
“Uralte Gedanken” will be available in 2 different vinyl colors. Here you are ordering the colored blue vinyl edition on 180g vinyl.

Vinyl mastering by Liquid Aether Audio.
Scans provided by Matteo Antonelli.
Original art/photos by Bergthron.
Layout and artwork post-processing by Urtod.

1. Vergangene Zeiten

Listen here.

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