Apep – The Invocation Of The Deathless One col. marbled amber LP


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The unseen terror is omnipresent. Death slowly creeps up and spoils. And takes what it deserves. From the ancient crypts of Duat the judgment day awaits us. Eight hymns about chaos and destruction. A journey through darkness and deathless myths.  Apep delivers a massive death metal storm in the vein of Blood Incantation or Nile.

The Invocation Of The Deathless One will be available on black vinyl. A small amount of ca. 100 copies will be pressed on marbled amber vinyl.
Here you are ordering the marbled amber vinyl edition. This special edition will come with a woven logo patch and a sticker.

Vinyl mastering by Temple Of Disharmony.
Artwork by Paolo Girardi.
Layout by Urtod.

1. Whisperers In Darkness
2. Banishing Of Chaos
3. Anubis’ Denial
4. Passing Through The Gate Of Set-Hra
5. The Black Pyramid Of Naqash
6. Spell For Passing The Sandbank Of Apophis
7. Parchment Of Execution
8. The Invocation Of The Deathless One

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