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Raw and obscure black doom mysticism from Bulgaria/Sofia. Obrok (Оброк) is an ancient sacred place to honor the dead and the fallen. In most cases it was dedicated to close relatives. These sacred places can be found anywhere, often there are certain stones or resting places that point to it. Like the stories and traditions about it, Obrok’s music is dark and cold. During production, more emphasis was placed on raw rehearsal quality than on well-produced standard waste. The demo recordings of groups like Mystifier or Xantotol were made in a similar way. And you can feel that atmosphere clearly when you hear it…

This double vinyl compilation contains all rehearsals and three bonus tracks.  This is a cooperation between Urtod Void & Medieval Prophecy Records. Here you are ordering the testpress double vinyl edition with handmade cover sleeve.

1. Врач
2. Покров
3. Бездна
4. Tribute
5. Ритуал
6. Заклинание
7. Олтар
8. Прокоба
9. Tribute II
10. Ритуал II
11. Проповед
12. Знамение
13. Тотем
14. Tribute III
15. Ритуал III
16. Сенки Reh.3 Outtake
17. Знамение Live 24.03.18
18. Покров Live 12.11.16

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