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Størr – Clan Wars MC

Blood roots from the Inner Hebrides. MacLeod of Dunvegan; Isle of Skye, Scotland. STØRR’s album “Clan Wars” pays tribute to battles fought on this ancient and sacred land. Pulsating industrial black metal with glorious anthems and overwhelming synthesizer soundscapes. “Clan Wars” is a reworked compilation of demos and newer material.

1. Faery Flag (Am Bratach Sìth)
2. To Dust (Gu Dust)
3. Toxic Wait (Bàs Puinnseanta)
4. Ditch of Blood (Fèith na Fala)
5. Waltz of the One Eyed Woman (Coire Na Creiche)
6. Blood of Reptiles (Fuil Snàgairean)
7. Old Man of Storr (An Stòr)

Listen here.