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Impure – Worship Them MC

“Horned Father of Desecration” and “Satyrannical Lord of Assault” are the names of Impure’s warriors. As expected, they deliver bestial and uncompromising Death Metal with a touch of black spice. The duo wrote a couple of demos, EP’s and a full length album since 2018. We have now combined some of these diabolical achievements into one complete work “Worship Them”. The compilation is available from Urtod Void on music cassette and from New Era Productions on vinyl and CD.

Artwork by Karmazid.
Skull illustration by Yuji “Paranoid” Inaba.
Photos by Reuben Hemmer.
Mastered by Jamie Elton at Seven Gates Studios.

1. Damned In Eternit
2. Worship Them
3. Crush Of Mystical Satanism
4. Fight Til Death
5. The Carrion Feast
6. Into Cataclysm
7. Transfixed In Limbo
8. Apocryphal Chants (Of Unknown Tongue)
9. The Devil Sees My Dreams (Demo)

Listen here.