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Resonare – Aderlass/Immoralist LP

Howling screams of immoral black metal are beating…a true masterpiece similar to old midtempo acts from the 90’s. Aggresive fire, melancholic strings and classic black metal domination will take you into dark and doomed realms of Resonare (lt. to resonate).
Aderlass Kunstverlag and Urtod closed a pact to reissue both demos as vinyl collection.
Accordingly, each side contain one demo (Side A: Aderlass & Side B: Immoralist). This collection is limited to 195 copies. Aderlass Kunstverlag will also handle a special bundle for you (pre order for the bundle starts tomorrow). We will handle only the regular vinyl pressing.

Vinyl mastering by Sculpt Sound Studios.
Resonare logo done by WÆIK.

1. Gnosis
2. Ultimate Black
3. Aderlass
4. Fire Of Clarity
5. Never Ending Night
6. Immoralist

Listen here.