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SEID – Spider In The Web Of Urd | Neocrome

Here we go with a video creation done by undergrounded and SEID. This track is taken from the upcoming full length “ULV” which will be released soon on vinyl through our banner. We like to thank Sebastian D. for his great post-production on this music video (Cut etc…). Ulv will continue the norse saga, where Darkness Shall Fall has ended. And it´s also the next step after the personal closure of Neocrome…

Neocrome was the band that Seiðr from SEID aka Jonsson was writing songs for in the early 90’s. The music of Neocrome was never performed live or recorded at that time, because Seiðr couldn’t find other musicians who wanted to play death/black- metal living close enough in remote rural Uppsala. He instead joined the crust/HC band Abuse. But… the old Neocrome note book with riffs and lyrics remained and reappeared in early 2018, and now SEID has recorded it as an old school sounding demo cassette.